About Us

We opened our doors in 1995 as The Marketing Department, a traditional full-service advertising agency serving retail and private sector clients. The seeds of change began taking root in 1999 when California State University, Sacramento contracted with us to support State of California agencies’ outreach and social marketing goals. Through our work with the university, we conducted market research, developed and implemented campaigns, planned and purchased media, and provided creative services for several targeted outreach programs.

Focus on social marketing and public outreach

That opportunity changed us. Using our skills as marketers to educate and motivate beneficial change ignited a creative flame. It’s a flame that burns as strongly today as it did in 2000, when we turned away from traditional advertising to focus solely on social marketing and public outreach.

The Marketing Department becomes tmdgroup, inc.

We made another, more gradual shift as we became acclimated to our clients’ practice of shorthanding organization names to initials. In 2002, we formally embraced “tmd” by giving up The Marketing Department name and incorporating as tmdgroup.

Experience and expertise

Since we turned our attention to social marketing and public outreach in 2000, we’ve implemented scores of statewide marketing campaigns for more than 75 public-sector clients. We take pride in the special expertise we’ve developed through experience, including our skills in:

  • Using research to understand each audience so that each message we develop hits home
  • Creating memorable, impactful campaigns
  • Finding creative solutions to get messages into hard-to-reach, at-risk, and underserved communities
  • Forging strong partnerships with community-based organizations, county coalitions, private-sector organizations, and media outlets to sustain and expand campaigns
  • Keeping our team lean and our overhead low to ensure real value for every dollar our clients spend
  • Understanding and working with government-agency processes
  • Adjusting to changing budget parameters without sacrificing quality, creativity, or campaign effectiveness
  • Serving as a consensus builder to reduce friction and foster collaboration
  • Consistently delivering quantifiable results that demonstrate positive change and public awareness

Our Team

Our team is made up of proven professionals. Each brings at least 20 years’ experience in advertising, marketing, public relations, and event planning. 

We’re small by design. But don’t let our size fool you. We routinely handle multimillion-dollar statewide campaigns for some of the State of California’s largest agencies. Rather than maintaining a large staff, we employ a small team of seasoned experts and call in specialists who excel in their fields to meet specific project needs.  

Our small-footprint approach keeps client budgets directed to their campaigns. Clients aren’t paying for resources they’re not using and have access to the very best talent when needed. Minimizing overhead also allows us to create effective campaigns for public-sector clients of all sizes, including small state and local agencies with modest budgets.

We look forward to applying our skills to achieve your goals.

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