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Language Adaptations/Translations

In a state where more than 40 percent of people speak a language other than English at home, it’s vital for government agencies to deliver important information in the languages their constituents speak. California also tops the lists of states with the most adults with severe hearing loss and the most adults with severe vision loss—two at-risk communities government agencies must reach.

Our Approach

We begin many of our campaigns by conducting in-language market research so that we can move past language and cultural barriers to connect with our target audiences through meaningful and respectful messages. Our translators are state-certified experts in California’s 13 threshold languages. We also provide language adaptions and translation in American Sign Language and Braille.    

Services Include

  • Language Adaptation & Translation
  • Back-Read Translation (Proofing)
  • Multilingual Research Facilitators & Interpreters
  • In-Language Multimedia Production (Video, Audio, Print, Web)

In addition to offering services in California’s 13 threshold languages (English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, Armenian, Russian, Tagalog, Hmong, Korean, Farsi, Arabic and Cambodian), American Sign Language and Braille, we have the connections and capabilities to reach people who speak other languages.


California Highway Patrol

I was very impressed with the final recruitment branding product and strongly believe the CHP will reap the reward of new recruits for years to come. It has been a pleasure working together and I look forward to participating in future projects with you.

Linda Yarber
Bureau Chief

California Department of Insurance – California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program

The campaign creative delivers complex program eligibility criteria in a clear and approachable manner. Calls surged during the campaign . . . increased by over 270% overall and our Spanish speaker calls increased by over 500%.

Gretchen Brigaman

Division of Rail and Mass Transportation

In addition to the video production and media buys, tmdgroup has revamped our Amtrak California website and brought our social media efforts into the current millennia. Amtrak California’s Facebook and Twitter following continues to grow as a result of tmdgroup’s suggestions and efforts.

R.C. Prieto
Assistant Commissioner

Leadership Development and Communications, California Highway Patrol

I’m thrilled that our partnership produced such positive results and I look forward to our mutual future endeavors.

Judy Stucki
Education Program Consultant

First 5 California Children and Families Commission

We appreciate tmdgroup’s flexibility and quick turnaround as we move forward on this unique project. tmdgroup’s project management abilities have kept us on an established timeline despite unanticipated changes in our research needs.

Gina Haynes

Sacramento Police Department

tmdgroup achieved and exceeded the objectives of the grant-funded media program.  tmdgroup was able to get value-added media buys at no cost to extend the duration of the media components and also negotiated the cost of the media commercial production to leverage limited resources. 

Jonathan Lakritz
Program Manager

Communications Division, California Public Utilities Commission

tmdgroup established 800# tracking which has allowed the DDTP (Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program) to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising by identifying which calls to the Contact Center are a result of the campaigns. tmdgroup has always been responsive to request from the CPUC involving DDTP.

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